新产品! T-RACE|直线导轨| ML系列

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Linear Roller System
with ML rail and RL, RLS sliders

The ML Series Linear Roller System consists of a C shaped steel rail

with internal concave raceways where robust ball bearing rollers travel.

The high precision rollers are lubricated for life and protected with 2Z

seals. Sliders are available with three or five rollers including eccentrics

to adjust the slider’s preload. Both ends of the sliders are equipped

with polyamide wipers to remove debris from the raceway and grease

impregnated felt wipers to lubricate the raceways for long life with minimal


Sliders include a mix of concentric and eccentric rollers. The eccentric

rollers are used to preload the system and eliminate any play. The

preload can be adjusted to suit the particular application. Sliders are

able to carry load and moment loads in all direction. Because one of

the rail raceways contacts more rollers than the other, this direction is

the prefered direction of radial loading. Two small circular marks indicate

the direction of preferred slider loading.

The ML Systems’s C shaped steel rail has internal raceways that are

protected from accidental damage. Similarly, the rollers are protected

inside the rail and under the slider body.

Overall, the ML Series Linear Rail Systems is easy to assembly and extremely




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