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 聯合利安工業配件有限公司 的品質管理體系符合 ISO9001:2015 標準要求, 覆蓋範圍如下:

 採購和供應標準及客制軸承, 彈簧, 直線運動機電系統的機械零件, 配件和相關技術支持服務。

  AIS INDUSTRIAL COMPONENTS LIMITED complies with the requirements of ISO9001:2015 quality managment

  system standard, applicable to:

  Provision of sourcing and supplying services for standard & custom made bearings, springs,

  linear motion electomechanical system's mechanical components , accessories, and relevant technical supporting services



 深圳联合利安将参展 第二十届东莞国际模具,金属加工,塑料及包装展


 地点:广东省东莞市厚街镇 广东现代国际展览中心


  AIS-Shenzhen will attend 20th China Dongguan International Mould, Metalworking, Plastics & Packaging Exhibition

  Date: 27/Nov/2018 - 30/Nov/2018

  Exhibition Venue: GD Modern International Exhibition Center

  Booth number: 4G12

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